BBB Septic’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment System

BBB Septic’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment System

At BBB Septic, we’re sometimes tasked with installing septic systems on difficult properties. 

By difficult, we mean properties that are too small for lateral lines (a common and important technology for dealing with wastewater). We also have customers who live on tricky properties like lakehouses, which require special solutions. And sometimes, we have customers who simply want a greener system. 

Our answer to these considerations is the innovative Singulair Green system from Norweco. It is one of the best wastewater treatment systems in the world and has provided us with many years of reliable performance. 

If you’re considering installing a new septic system or replacing your old one, then you should consider this system. 

To learn more about the Singulair Green, please keep reading!

Aerobic v. Anaerobic

Bacteria gets a bad rap. But in a septic system, it’s necessary to break down wastewater (or effluent), so it can be safely returned to nature. And it’s important to know that there are two types of bacteria: aerobic and anaerobic, which we’ll explain shortly. 

Many septic systems aren’t efficient at breaking down wastewater for two reasons. Firstly, their tanks (that hold wastewater) have no system to let in air. This lack of air produces anaerobic bacteria, which don’t break down wastewater efficiently. Secondly, their tanks are made of concrete, which doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria as much as plastic does. Again, this combo is inefficient. 

The Singulair Green system is very efficient for a couple of reasons. Firstly, its central tank has an electromechanical aerator, a device which brings outside air into the tank – this produces super bacteria! Secondly, its tank is made of polyethylene plastic which promotes the growth of bacteria.

A look inside the system. Wastewater flows from left to right, becoming cleaner as it goes along. Image source

3-in-1 Design

We mentioned at the beginning that the Singulair Green system doesn’t have lateral lines. Lateral lines come into play at the end of the septic system process to help distribute wastewater back to nature. Since it doesn’t have these lateral lines, it treats wastewater through a 3-step process, each step happening in one of its 3 chambers. 

The 3-step process: 

1. Pretreatment. The first chamber receives wastewater directly from your home, and then contaminants are removed/solids settle to the bottom. This chamber needs pumping every three to five years, equal to a standard septic tank.

2. Aeration. The wastewater moves to the second chamber, where it’s mixed with oxygen. This mixture produces aerobic bacteria that break down the wastewater. By the way, this process is used by most municipal wastewater treatment facilities. 3. Clarification and filtration. The wastewater flows into the third chamber as a clean, odorless liquid. But if contaminants remain, they are returned to the second chamber to be broken down. This ensures your land will be protected from contamination. Finally, the effluent goes up through a filter and then through the outlet to be absorbed safely by your soil.

The arch-shaped outer shell of the system. Arches for structural strength date back to the Romans. Image source


Durable. The tank has great structural integrity because its main body is arch-shaped and is supported by ribs. 

Economic. Since the only electrical component in this system is the aerator, its operating cost is low. 

Safe. This system’s components and electrical cords get buried underground, so it doesn’t pose a risk to children or pets.

Powerful. It can process normal amounts of wastewater, so you don’t need to worry about overloading it. And during big surges of liquids and solids, the system will continue to process wastewater at a high rate of efficiency. 

Easy installation. Installing this system is relatively quick and easy: we dig a trench and wire it up. This means you won’t have to wait long for your system to be up and running. 

Easily diagnosed. Your aerator will come with a Service Pro Control Center, an alarm and monitoring system that tells you if your components need servicing, and more. This means technicians can easily identify any issues your system may have. If you’re interested in installing a Singulair Green septic system or need service for your current system, there’s no better choice than BBB Septic and Portable Toilets! Contact us by clicking here.

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