The Innovative Technology BBB Septic Uses To Build Superior Systems

The Innovative Technology BBB Septic Uses To Build Superior Systems

Not everybody knows the Nike swoosh is based on a Greek myth. And not everyone knows the “BBB” in BBB Septic stands for Busy Being the Best. We think it’s a fun name, but it’s more than that. 

It’s a promise to our customers that we’ll strive to provide them with the best service possible. 

One way we do this is by installing systems with the innovative Quick4® Equalizer 24 Chambers, or EQ24 Chambers for short. Over the decades, we’ve seen the MAJOR issues that other kinds of systems – installed by other companies – cause homeowners. So, we only provide you with the best products. 

To learn more about this great tech, read on! 

EQ24 Chambers vs Pipe and Gravel 

In a traditional septic system, liquid waste would leave your home and head to its final destination, your drain field. Drain fields are constructed by digging trenches, filling them with truckloads of gravel, running many feet of PVC pipes through them, then covering all that up with more gravel and earth. 

It’s important to note: the PVC pipes buried in your drain field have holes in them to allow liquid waste to seep out and return to nature. 

A drainfield with the EQ24 Chamber system is different. Just a handful of PVC pipes are needed because the EQ24 Chambers transports and disperses the liquid waste. And there’s no need for truckloads of gravel. All this reduces the material, equipment, time, and labor it takes to install a septic system. 

Not to mention, the EQ24 Chambers are light-weight and made from recycled materials. 

Greater Efficiency 

One of the greatest advantages of the EQ24 Chambers is that they can hold three times the amount of water of a normal pipe and gravel system. This means we can go above and beyond the specifications required by your local health department. 


One of the issues with traditional pipe-and-gravel systems is that they’re vulnerable to clogging. When they clog up, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to repair. This puts you, the homeowner, in an uncomfortable position for longer. 

Whereas, if the EQ24 Chamber ever clogs up (which does not happen as often as it does for pipe and gravel), the fix is quicker and easier. This means you can go back to normal sooner rather than later! 


Another advantage of the EQ24 Chambers is flexibility. They can be rotated 10 to 15 degrees, right or left, to avoid obstacles like important trees or buildings on your property. 


For as light as the EQ24 Chambers are, they’re very durable. In low-traffic areas of your property, we can sometimes cover them with just 6 inches of earth. And with just 1 foot of earth covering them, they can support up to 16,000 lbs of “wheel loads”. 

A Story 

Brad, a resident of Northwest Florida and owner of the Piney Grove Homestead, is currently building a “dream homestead/mini farm to be filled with animals and joy”. He wanted a septic system installed on his property; however, he was worried that the layout of his house and workshop wouldn’t allow for an adequate drainfield. 

But official plans were drawn up to install a septic system with EQ24 Chambers. Again, he had some doubt it would work. He watched as the install crew put in the drain field and was pleasantly surprised by how well things worked in his difficult layout. Whether you need maintenance or repair or installation of a new septic system, there’s no wiser choice than BBB Septic and Portable Toilets. Truly! Contact us by clicking here

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