Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems

Septic solutions for properties where standard solutions won’t work or for those who are sustainability conscious

Northwest Arkansas contractors and homeowners have even more options available for their septic system needs with the Singulair Green® advanced wastewater treatment system. The Singulair Green system by Norweco, Inc. is an aerobic treatment unit designed to biologically treat domestic wastewater and produce a clear odorless liquid that can be safely returned to the environment.

We at BBB Septic, Storm Shelters, Portable Toilets are licensed distributors and service providers of this system, which is a perfect fit for a growing number of Northwest Arkansas home builders. The Singulair Green system comes to you complete, including delivery, tank setting, equipment installation, plant start-up and service.

We schedule a series of service and adjustment inspections for the first two years of operation at the time your Singulair Green septic system is installed. These inspections are included in the sale so that your system continues to perform at the highest level to protect you and your investment. We also offer extended service contracts.

Singulair Green effective on difficult land areas

The Singulair Green advanced treatment unit is designed for non-porous ground conditions. While we do tend to have rocky, i.e. porous, conditions in Rogers, Ark. and the surrounding areas, some residential properties in our service area have more clay-like soil that does not allow for proper wastewater runoff.

The Singulair Green advanced wastewater treatment system is also perfect for properties where there is not a lot of land surrounding the construction site that would allow for the standard required lateral lines.

Singulair Green protects the environment

Even in places where the rockier soil allows for runoff, we in the Natural State have many bodies of water near our homes. We are concerned with protecting those waterways from as much contamination as possible. This self-contained system prevents excessive runoff, thus protecting the environment and following a growing number of regulations that restrict wastewater runoff.

Another reason we often have construction companies and individual land owners ask us about Singulair Green is their interest in sustainability. The system’s operating costs are low, largely due to its only electrical component being the low-RPM Singulair aerator.

The Singulair Green system automatically equalizes influent and effluent flow through all stages of the treatment process. Even during periods of extreme hydraulic or organic overload, effluent quality is maintained. Variations in flow do not affect its function.

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