The Septic Tank That Ruined A Dream

sceptic tank being installed

Inspired by True Events 

It was around 2008. Inspired and encouraged by an in-law, a couple and their 3 children dreamed of moving from their dying city to rural Iowa. They badly wanted a quiet, simple life. The in-law, who already lived in the country, constantly told them, “If you’re going to buy a house out here, do it now! With how the economy is going, it’s going to become too hard or impossible for ya’ll to do it later.” The couple felt a sense of urgency. 

For about 20 years, the in-law lived a mile or so down a dirt road from some friends, an old farmer, and his wife. It just so happened that the old farmer and his wife put up their home for sale; a beautiful white house on five acres with fruit trees, a large garden, a chicken coup, and a stream running through the back. A house perfect for a family with children. The in-law told the couple they should hurry, hurry, hurry and buy the old farmers’ place. 

So they did. 

The farmhouse needed some renovations. One of the first things the couple decided to do was install a septic tank before they moved in. They hired a local company, and the technicians started the work and desperately hoped to finish before the cold and snow arrived to stop them. They finished the project right before the start of winter. The first snow fell the day before the couple, and their children were going to arrive with their moving truck. 

While the family finished packing in the city (excited to move the next day), the cold was forcing their buried septic tank out of the ground. The long series of pipes that ran from their dream home to their tank were cracking and popping off their connections. 

That same day, the in-law came over and assessed the damage. He covered his mouth when he saw it. He explained what had gone wrong: the people they hired had forgotten to fill the tank with water, which would’ve kept it from popping out of the ground. They soon realized that all the work would have to be redone. But the winter had come. They would have to wait some months to have operating sinks, toilets, and washing machines. 

Their dream had turned into an anxious reality. 

We tell you this story to make a point: when you hire a company to do a major home improvement project, like installing a septic tank, make sure they have a good record of satisfied customers. Make sure they’re known for quality craftsmanship and are willing to fix any mistakes they might make because you don’t want a septic tank ruining your dreams!

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