Signs Your Septic Tank Is Damaged Or Failing

A failing septic system is many a homeowners worst nightmare. In addition to costly repairs and replacements, septic system failures can cause serious and unpleasant damages. 

To avoid having to install a brand new septic system, we advise regular maintenance, as well as a general understanding of both the signs and causes of damage. 

Common Signs of Septic Damages or Failure 

Water Or Sewage Backing Up Into Your Home 

Water or sewage backing up from kitchen or bathroom drains are a sure indicator that there is a problem with your septic system, and can negatively impact both your home and health. 

Slow Bathroom Or Kitchen Drains 

When dealing with slow drains it may be tempting to turn to drain cleaners, but these harsh chemicals can further damage your septic system, particularly if there is an underlying issue. 

Bad Odors Inside Your Home Or Near Your Septic System

Smelling rotten eggs? It’s likely that you’re smelling septic gasses, and while this is not always a sign of failure it is certainly a sign that something is amiss with your system. 

Pooling Or Standing Water In Your Yard

Where there’s a smell there’s a source, and if you’re smelling septic odors a pool of water in your yard may be the culprit. Be sure to check near your septic drainfield for standing water and call a professional to find the source of the damage. 

BBB Septic Maintenance Program 

As with most systems, maintenance is key in avoiding future problems and damages. These preventative measures prolong the life of your system, protect your home, guard your health, and help to prevent septic failure. 

With the BBB Septic Maintenance Program, your septic care is automated and your system protected. As a preferred service member, you also receive a variety of perks that include regular maintenance checks and services, priority service, a 10% discount on repairs, regular septic pumping, and more. 

Learn more about our program here and please feel free to contact us at to request membership or additional details. 

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