How Often Should You Pump Out Your Septic Tank?


Septic Tank Pumping Schedule

How often should you pump out your septic tank?  Good question.   The rule of thumb is usually every 2-5 years but the makeup of your household and your habits play a big part in this equation.

When a septic tank is operating properly, solids are contained and accumulate and must be eventually pumped out. If the solids are not accumulating in the tank and are washing out into the leaching field, there is a problem with the system and the household is possibly using too much water.

The amount of solids that accumulates in the tank depends on the size of the household, the habits of the members of the household and the water usage.  Every household is different.  Having a professional check the sludge levels on a regular basis can help you gauge if the 2- 5 year schedule is good for your household or if more frequent pumping is needed.

Having your effluent filter checked for clogging can give you an idea of the maintenance  needs of your system.   The filter is designed to stop solids from entering the leaching field but how quickly is it filling up?  If too quickly, you should review family and household water use habits.

The most reliable method for determining if your system needs to be pumped is regular inspection of the septic system including measuring the solids in the tank and distribution box.  Our maintenance plan gives you a report regularly of the solids accumulation in your system and coincides with a pumping recommendation.

The best idea is to have a professional check the septic system on a regular basis.

BBB Septic and Portable Toilet Services has a great maintenance program for your septic system and a team of professionals to help determine what your pumping schedule should be.

Call BBB Septic and Portable Toilets at 479-271-0058 to enroll in the maintenance program.  Prevention is key to preventing a failed septic system.


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  1. Thanks for explaining that most people have their tank pumped every 2-5 years, but you should have it checked by a professional to determine what works best for your household. My husband and I are planning to move into the countryside this winter, and I know that many homes in rural areas have septic systems. Your tips will be helpful to ensure that we have our tank pumped often enough to keep it in good condition.

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