How to Locate a Septic Permit in Benton County: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you in the midst of unraveling the mystery of locating a septic permit in Benton County? Whether you’re a homeowner, a buyer in the market, or someone passionate about the environmental well-being of your community, having access to these records is crucial. This streamlined guide is designed to demystify the process, offering straightforward steps and resources to aid your search. And for those moments when you need a bit more expertise, BBB Septic in Bentonville, AR, is at your service.

Step 1: Reach Out to the Appropriate Agency

In Benton County, oversight of septic systems typically falls within the purview of the state health department or the environmental services agency. The Arkansas Department of Health’s local office in Benton County can be contacted at 479-986-1358 or for most septic system concerns. However, specific facilities like dog kennels or car washes fall under the Arkansas Division of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), which makes all permits available online at their portal. They can also be reached at 888-233-0326 for direct inquiries.

Step 2: Explore County Websites

Benton County, like many others, provides online access to a variety of public records, including those for septic permits. The key is navigating the official county website to find sections dedicated to public records, environmental health, or permits. Notably, Bella Vista stands out by maintaining its own septic system records, a unique aspect since it managed its own septic inspection program until 2012. Access Bella Vista’s Citizen’s Portal for comprehensive permitting records.

Step 3: Filing a Public Records Request

Should your online endeavors come up short, moving forward with a public records request is your next step. Under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, these records are accessible upon request. In Benton County, this process involves providing the property’s address, parcel number, or subdivision details to facilitate the search, often at no cost, via contact with the health department or through their online form.

Step 4: Preparation Is Key

Whether you’re reaching out online or planning a visit in person, having the property’s address or parcel number at the ready is crucial. This information ensures a smoother search for the correct records. Benton County’s parcel numbers are accessible through

Step 5: Understanding Potential Fees

While accessing most records is free, obtaining paper copies of official records might incur a fee. It’s wise to inquire about any possible charges beforehand to avoid any unexpected expenses.

Additional Guidance and Professional Assistance

  • Real Estate and Title Professionals: Engage with your real estate agent or title company to secure septic permit information during the property transaction process.
  • Septic Contractors: Local contractors may offer insights into the septic systems within the area.
  • BBB Septic Support: If the task seems overwhelming or you have specific concerns, BBB Septic in Bentonville, AR, is equipped to offer expert guidance, support, and maintenance services to ensure your septic system is in top shape.

For assistance, reach out to BBB Septic at (479) 271-0058 or visit We aim to streamline the process for you.

Remember, securing a septic permit goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about safeguarding the environmental health and safety of your property. Follow these steps to approach the process with confidence.Looking for a more visual guide? Check out our step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube page at

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