BBB Septic It’s Cold Outside! Protecting Your Outdoor Fixtures & More

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or staying close to home, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor fixtures are prepared for cold weather and freezing temps to avoid costly repairs

In fact, statistics show that cold weather related damage claims are actually pretty common. One in fifteen homes make a winter weather damage claim each year, and one in fifty five report plumbing related water damage from the same cause. 

Water damage from freezing or leaky pipes is not only rather common, it can get quite expensive! Why? Well, these sorts of issues can cause a lot of damage. When cold weather hits, broken pipes can break and freeze, and while you may not notice the damage right away you certainly will when warmer weather hits and your home starts spouting water in unwanted areas. 
As always, the prevention is better than the cure. Here are a few easy steps you can take as a home or business owner to ensure your outdoor fixtures and septic system are well taken care of during the colder months.

Outdoor Spigots 

  1. Close the shut off valve for your faucet. 
  2. Disconnect any attached hoses. 
  3. Open your faucet and let any remaining water drain. 


  1. Disconnect all outdoor hoses from outdoor faucets. 
  2. Disconnect hoses from each other (as applicable). 
  3. Drain all hoses. 
  4. Coil and store in a dry area. Ensure there are no pinches or kinks. 

Pro tip: If you accidentally left your hose outside in freezing temps, bring it to an indoor area such as a garage or shed, and let it thaw a bit before coiling and storing. This will help prevent any breaks or damages to your water hose. 

Septic System 

  1. Add a layer of insulation, such as mulch, over septic pipes, tank, and soil treatment area.
  2. Don’t leave water running to prevent freezing. 
  3. Fix any leaky plumbing to avoid freezing in pipes.

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