BBB Solutions: Halloween Edition

Halloween can be a scary time of year for septic systems, what with all the candy wrappers,
pumpkin guts, and seasonal decor winding its way through pipes, causing clogs and creating
backups. Save the scares for the trick-or-treaters and check out our list of top three things to not
flush this Halloween season.

Candy Wrappers

As you ready your household for trick or treating, make sure you talk to your kiddos about
proper candy wrapper disposal. Since candy wrappers don’t dissolve or break down easily, they
are better off in the trash than they would be clogging up your drain or polluting your water
treatment center.

Pumpkin Pulp

Garbage disposal making scary sounds? Pumpkin pulp may be your culprit. Slimy, stringy, and
sticky, this gunk might as well be made to clog up pipes and wreak havoc on garbage disposals.
Instead of sending your pumpkin carving leftovers down the drain, try adding it to your compost
or just dispose of it with the rest of your trash.

Costume Pieces / Decorations

That mummy costume is pretty spooky, but don’t go trying to flush all of that TP or you’ll be in for
a worse fright – the dreaded backed up toilet. This goes for abandoned costume pieces and
leftover Halloween decor, too, ghouls and gals.

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The Down Low On The BBB Septic Maintenance Program

Regular upkeep and maintenance not only protects your property, but your health and your wallet as well! By scheduling regular maintenance for your home or business septic system, you don’t have to worry about your septic system turning into a big, messy – and likely costly – mess.

Regular pumping, cleaning lateral lines when needed, adjusting flow equalization and removing debris are all part of keeping your septic system functioning at top efficiency, and with our septic maintenance program, you get all of this and more!

Preferred service member benefits include:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance checks and services.
  • Emergency service priority with no overtime charges!
  • Hassle free repairs with a 10% discount on any necessary parts and labor charges that aren’t included in our covered repairs.

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How To Properly Dispose Of Kitchen Grease

We know, we know. It’s so easy to just toss that hot, oily grease down the drain without a second thought, but oh man can it can really cost you in the long run. While the grease is likely still hot when you pour it down the drain, and therefore still in its liquid state, it won’t be once it’s nice and cooled down in your pipes. And this gunky, sticky solidified grease acts as a trap for other debris that goes down your drain, eventually creating a pretty nasty blockage that can wreak havoc on your entire septic system. In fact, and we kid you not, it once took a team of sewage workers not one, but THREE weeks to clear a 15 ton ball of grease that nearly led to a street filled sewage-fest. Yikes! Avoid the mess (and the giant ball of grease) with these tips:

First… Have You Considered Reusing Or Repurposing It?

For instance, instead of tossing that bacon fat leftover from cooking up breakfast, consider storing it and using it as a tasty flavor booster for other foods. You can add it into roasted vegetables, use it to fry up burgers, make it your new favorite base for homemade gravy, or keep it on hand to season your cast iron. The possibilities are endless… and endlessly tasty! And this doesn’t just apply to bacon. Be sure to look up other recipes that may be better suited for the grease you now have on hand.

If You Simply Must Be Rid Of It

  1. Let the grease cool. This will allow it to solidify, which brings us the next step…
  2. Transfer the solid grease into a vessel, such as a used bottle, plastic tub, or container. We recommend avoiding glass due it’s tendency to, ya know, shatter.
  3. Once your vessel is full, dispose of it with the rest of your trash.

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